Project Description and Acceptance

The needs of the customer are analyzed and the definition of the project is created together. If deemed necessary, detailed expectations are learned by one-to-one meetings with the relevant department manager.

Candidate Search and Screening

Advertisements are prepared depending on the needs of the project and the strategies determined with the company. Search for LinkedIn, Portal databases, headhunt, namehunt and regional studies and search for candidates. By interviewing the eligible candidates, the general status of the candidate, the outstanding competencies and expectations are learned; in particular, the eligibility of the candidate is examined with the additional information received from the relevant unit manager.

Long List

Following the pre-selection, a summary report and explanations will be sent to the HR department as a Long List. In order to form the basis for further studies, feedback is received from candidates who are not deemed appropriate by the HR.


The candidates who are prioritized by the relevant unit manager are discussed in turn. Competency-based interviews conducted by our consultants are reported in standard format.

Short List

2-3 persons, which our consultant considers most appropriate in line with the given priorities, form the Short List.

Company Interview

Necessary organizations are organized for the meeting between the candidates and the institution. If an introductory meeting is to be held with senior managers, preliminary reference control is performed with the approval of the HR department.

Reference Control and Proposal

Following the job interviews, detailed reference research is carried out and the process is completed and an offer is made to the candidate upon request. Being a mediator between the candidate and the institution provides advantages to both sides.

Starting Work

The date of commencement is confirmed by the institution and the candidate, and the Project is completed following the process.