Project Planning

Define framework for planning, monitoring and controlling the engagement.

  • 1) Agree positions to be filled.
    2) Understand Client’s organogram & reporting relationships.
    3) Define candidate profile/selection criteria.
    4) Define search maps / regions.
    5) Confirm search approach.
    6) Agree deliverables and time schedules.
    7) Select project team.
    8) Agree fees/resource requirements.

Signed Engagement Contract outlining scope, approach, deliverables and fees.

Conduct Search

Identify suitably qualified candidates for the role.

  • 1) Review our databases: Resourcing avenues / Referrals Professional Associations, Conference Portals e.g.
    2) Develop target list of companies, assess availability of skills in similar markets / environments.
    3) Candidate Search / Profiling.
    4) Evaluate candidate profiles./ screening.

Candidate Shortlists/Profiles.

Initial Screening & Interviews

Assess the candidates based on defined selection criteria.

1) Aptitude Tests
2) Skills Tests
3) Personality Assessments / Psychometrics.
4) Preliminary Interviews / Screening Interviews.

Summary/Shortlist of candidates for further recommendation.
Interview Report
Personality/Assessment Reports.

Assessment Center & Client Interviews

Select candidate for the role.

1) Conduct final assessments.
2) Conduct final interview(s)
3) Make final selection.
Executive Summary
Development Areas
Development Advice
Potential Risks
4) Negotiate contracts /