Civitas was founded in 2008 with the aim of finding and keeping the right person for its customers, and ’the right and reliable guide for career journeys for its candidates. The 5 main services that Civitas serves are RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), Recruitment, Executive Selection and Selection, Employer Branding Consultancy and Assessment Center Applications.
Civitas is a member of US based Recruitment Process Outsoursing Association from the MENA region. Recruiting over 3000 candidates per year in different proficiencies. Our many years’ experience and talent market mapping service in retail, IT, e-commerce, finance and aviation industries, gives us opportunity to direct sourcing of C-Suite positions for Turkey&MENA.
Thanks to our extensive and well-trained team, we find and evaluate the right candidates for our customers

  •    2008
    Civitas was established to provide services in recruitment processes.
  •    2009
    63 people were employed in line with the demands of 5 customers with a team of 3 consultants.
  •    2010
    A team of 148 people guided the career journey of 7 people.
  •    2011
    Employer Branding concept, Civitas EBA brand has been incorporated.
  •    2012
    Implemented the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsource) system. Civitas employed 795 people under the RPO brand.
  •    2013
    Civitas has reached more than 900 employees in
  •    2014
    and has provided services to RPO and EBA subjects to more than 70 customers with its 20-person team.
  •    2015
    2500 employees have been realized in over 100 customers with a team of 32 people. Peoplebox candidate tracking system’s transition project started.
  •    2016
    Civitas EBA, MT and Talent Camp projects with customers. Civitas RPO has put all candidate tracking processes into online automation.
  •    2017
    2500 met the demand for employment. With its growing team, Civitas provided candidate resources for IT integrators and IT 500 companies.
  •    2018
    Civitas RPO has been accepted to RPOA (Recruitment Process Outsource Association), the largest RPO organization in America.
  •    2019
    With the establishment of an Assessment Center, Civitas has developed a new perspective in executive recruitment processes.
  •    2020
    Civitas digitized its infrastructure in all its interactions and processes. It has integrated online technologies in candidate interactions, interviews, position tracking system and customer management processes.